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Vitamin D Deficiency Treatment

Vitamin D Deficiency Treatment Vitamin D and Human Health Lack of vitamin D found to increase chance of developing heart problems Vitamin D is an Essential for Our Body . It will Help to protect skin problems and it will stronger  protect from skin diseases. It will also help to Increase the BOne and Teeth […]

Corporate Medical Check Up

Corporate Medical Check Up Why your Employees Need a Medical Check up? Long hours of working and interaction with social lives may create stress on Individuals. Most of the ways to cope with this stress via smoking, over eating may lead to  further stress on body and Mind. This cause Hypertension and High blood pressure […]

Family Health checkup

Family Health checkup Health of each person in your family helps to build a better life and a better world. Family health check up assures a secure and trusted source of faith. Health checkup will helps you to stay healthy. We provides better health treatment. Regular health Checkups and tests can help you to find […]

Weight Loss Programs

Weight Loss Programs Obesity Obesity is a condition which occur when a person have excess body fat. A person is considered obese if his / her body weight is at least 20% or higher than it. If your BMI ( Body Mass Index ) is between 25 and 29.9 you are also considered as overweight, […]

Health Checkup Packages In Mumbai

Health Checkup Packages In Mumbai Fayth clinic offers affordable health checkup packages in Mumbai , We ensure your health through our various health checkup packages. Health Checkup allows the individual to identify diseases in the early stage and take measures to treat it effectively which saves time , money and in some cases life as well. In most […]

Improve Your Immunity Through Vaccination

Improve Your Immunity Through Vaccination Vaccination is a procedure to inject an antigenic material to body to enhance Individual’s Immune system.  Immunization helps to prevent further infection and diseases. Vaccines protect us against deadly diseases, therefore, lifesaving, especially children. In countries where routine vaccination of the entire population, many diseases have been eradicated or much […]

Advance Heart Check-up

Stay Healthy Through Advance Heart Check-up Master-check up at least once a year is vital to the detection and treatment of diseases, if any, during the initial stages of development. As per the adage, ‘prevention is better than cure’, one can prevent both minor and major health issues by being alert and paying attention to […]

How to Care Your Skin During Winter

How to Care Your Skin During Winter ? Skin is a soft covering of our body which covers and protects the organs from external factors. Skin lesions like moles, freckles, skin tags, benign lentigines, and seborrheic keratoses are harmless conditions that are very common in the general population. Some Chronic Skin Conditions, like Eczema, silvery scales, […]

Lifestyle Diseases Screening

Lifestyle Diseases Screening In today’s world, laden with pollution, competition and changing diet patterns, the incidence of certain diseases is increasing. Termed as lifestyle diseases, they threaten the very existence and healthy well-being of generations to come. Lifestyle diseases screening acquires importance in this circumstance. An early diagnosis can help in successful recovery or to bring the […]

Promoting Pediatric Wellness

Promoting Pediatric Wellness Promoting Pediatric Wellness: Exploring Trends & Strategies in Managing Chronic Conditions in Children In the landscape of Pediatric Healthcare, promoting child wellness lays the foundation for ensuring a healthy and fulfilled society, particularly in the context of addressing chronic conditions in children. Promoting child wellness is an investment in the future, to […]