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Lifestyle Diseases Screening

In today’s world, laden with pollution, competition and changing diet patterns, the incidence of certain diseases is increasing. Termed as lifestyle diseases, they threaten the very existence and healthy well-being of generations to come. Lifestyle diseases screening acquires importance in this circumstance. An early diagnosis can help in successful recovery or to bring the diseases under control.

Lifestyle diseases develop as a result of the lifestyle that we follow today. Though modernization in the total outlook of man has brought about a lot of good and better quality of life, they have also tagged along a horde diseases. These lifestyle diseases have percolated the society so much that there is no household where any one of these is not present.

Our lifestyle has brought down the age when lifestyle diseases screening should be considered necessary. Where, earlier people got sick at the age of 60 years, it has been narrowed down to 40 these days. The studies by World Health Organisation (WHO) has produced alarming results, showing an increase of about 25 % in cardiovascular deaths within the age group of 25 – 70 years since the last decade.

Lifestyle diseases screening is necessary to detect irregularities like diabetes, blood pressure, hypertension, thyroid hormone, cholesterol or lipid profile and so on. This is because these irregularities develop into life threatening lifestyle diseases, such as cardio vascular diseases and cancers, with time. Cancers can also be called a life style disease because of their links to our eating habits and environment factors.

Obesity is another life style condition that needs attention. A major reason for infertility and a number of other diseases, the number of obese people is increasing globally. Female reproductive diseases like POCD, endometriosis and so on are caused by obesity to some extent. Metabolic Syndrome is another product of obesity that is common in society, nowadays.

Lifestyle diseases screening can be carried out simply by a blood test analysis for above mentioned irregularities. Constant surveillance is the only method to stay healthy these days.

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