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Stay Healthy Through Advance Heart Check-up

Master-check up at least once a year is vital to the detection and treatment of diseases, if any, during the initial stages of development. As per the adage, ‘prevention is better than cure’, one can prevent both minor and major health issues by being alert and paying attention to physical symptoms which cause discomfort or uneasiness.

Cardiac Problems are very common among both youngsters and adults. The major factors which cause them are improper and imbalanced diet, junk foods, lack of exercise, stress, and genetic transference. You may not be aware you have risk factors of cardiovascular disease early enough. typically there aren’t any symptoms. therefore it’s really important to get your doctor to examine your risks frequently, to confirm your heart is healthy. Advance heart check-up packages are prescribed by the general physician/cardiologists in case of any new findings or incidents found in the tests undertaken by patients. Precisely, they form the root cause of the symptoms.

Advanced Heart Checkup Packages

Heart check-up packages normally include physical examination, blood tests for blood sugar, cholesterol, creatinine and blood count, ElectroCardioGram, Chest X-Ray, Echocardiogram and treadmill test.

Though Heart checkups are essential for people as a preventive measure, it is a must when it comes to people with cardiac issues. Those who have undergone angioplasty or other heart treatments should be extra careful about their health and lead a healthy lifestyle by incorporating the right exercise and diet.

Who needs an immediate cardiac consultation?

A person with Cardiomyopathy, obesity, heart failure, hypertension, smokers and drinkers, bypass surgery, stents, and valve surgery should have a cardiac consultation regularly.
After a thorough study of test results and medical records, the cardiologist prefers the best and suitable treatment for the patient.
Fayth clinic is a multi-specialty unit in Prabhadevi and Borivali (West), Mumbai. They offer excellent treatment. Their diagnostic centers provide advance heart check-up packages at reasonable rates.

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