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Fayth Clinic is NABH accredited Lifestyle medicine clinic and diagnostic centre, located in Mumbai. Our integrated approach to healthcare is built around accurate diagnosis and resolute care that is focused on healing beyond the spectrum of “cure”. Through our exclusive evaluations, online programs and specialised focus on paediatrics & adolescence, skin & hair, diabetology, cardiology, vaccination, nutrition & dietetics and various aspects of lifestyle medicine. We believe that “healing” is a holistic process involving caring for aspects of your life that directly relate to your health. To be healthy and well, you have to prioritise your happiness and manage aspects of your lifestyle healthily and effectively. At Fayth Clinic, we help you achieve that “healthy balance” through accurate diagnosis & comprehensive care.

Core Specialities

Transforming health & healing with expertise

Medical Diagnostics

Pediatrics & Adolescence


Lifestyle medicine


Online Programs

Healthcare excellence at your fingertips

Weight Loss Programs

Exclusive Evaluation

Exclusive focus on your health

Special Nutrition & Diet

Nurture & nourish your health back to excellence with our specially curated health programs that are tailor-made to fit your needs & requirements.

Lifestyle Disease Control

Keep yourself in check & improve your life for the better with our carefully formulated lifestyle disease control programs.

Corporate Health

Overcome the pressure of corporate life with our exclusive corporate health program.

Food Handlers

An exclusive package specially made to maintain & assess the health of food handlers.

Seafarer Health

Rise above the challenges of marine life with our carefully curated seafarer health checkup, tailor-made to suit your lifestyle & preferences.

Meet the Experts

Expert care for exceptional outcomes

Dr Paula Goel-Fayth-Clinic

Dr Paula Goel

Paediatrician, Adolescent expert & Lifestyle Medicine Physician

Dr Saurab Goel

Dr Ashish-Goel-Fayth-Clinic

Dr Ashish Goel


Dr Mansee Dugar

Health Coach & Nutritionist
Mr.Niket-Fayth Clinic

Mr. Niket

Incharge of Business Development

Dr. Zainab

General Practitioner (Dietetics and Women & Children Health)
Dr. Surekha-Fayth Clinic

Dr. Surekha


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Our Clientele

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Devki Gandhi
Devki Gandhi
V.polight and good reports
dhondiram arole
dhondiram arole
I do my blood test here and I will get my report same day good staff reception namrta and dipti
Mithila Kulkarni
Mithila Kulkarni
Very good experience. Staff was cooperative. I got my checkup under Rahul and Kavita. Both were really good at their job. They might do this everyday but still they were doing it passionately. Highly recommend to visit and get checked up.
Mathan Gayen
Mathan Gayen
फेथ क्लिनिक प्रभादेवीमध्ये रक्तपरीक्षणाचा आनंददायी अनुभव. मैत्रीपूर्ण कर्मचारी आणि सुचवलेला कार्यपद्धती. संपूर्णतः संतुष्ट!फेथ क्लिनिक में गृहभेटी ब्लड टेस्ट की सुविधा से मैं पूरी तरह संतुष्ट हूँ। समय पर पहुँचने वाले, कुशल और मितव्ययी फ्लेबोटोमिस्ट। घर के सुखद माहौल में टेस्ट करवाने की सुविधा ने मेरे लिए बहुत बदल दिया है। गृहभेटी ब्लड टेस्ट की सराहना करता हूँ।
ashwin parakh
ashwin parakh
Mrs.Niket hay done my treadmill test nicely and comparability
Hasnain Patel
Hasnain Patel
I am Hasan Khan I had done my tmt test here and I got my report within 1/2 hour thank you team fayth clinic And specially thanks to dipti hatiskar and namrata sonawane reception person
Praveen Singh pundir
Praveen Singh pundir
Excellent service by fayth clinic
Ishwari Bhiwandkar
Ishwari Bhiwandkar
Hi Fayth Clinic - Diagnostic Center Prabhadevi, It was our pleasure for doing health test which was organised by our company SKCC. Your each and every staff members and Doctors service was excellent, caring, marvelous. Get our report on time on Whats app and on email too which was so surprising. All the best and best wishes.
Sudhir Bhingarde
Sudhir Bhingarde
Very good service. Quick attention. Trained staff . Quick report delivery.
Skcc Jkheda
Skcc Jkheda
Very good and nice service


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