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Sports is a necessity for children to excel physically as well academically. It makes them energetic, vibrant and intelligent. It’s a matter of fun for children, even playing at school. They enjoy playing with their friends in school, which rejuvenate their brain and  improves their physical strength. Sports instill a leadership quality and team spirit in school going, children. They learn how to take both the success and failure in the same spirit. Sports will improve the health of the children playing both physically and mentally. They learn to be disciplined in life as they remain disciplined at the time of sports. The increase in competitive sports  has translated into a higher incidence of sports injuries in school going children. The problem is further compounded by the lack of proper resources and awareness regarding prevention and management.

Together with all these benefits, injuries are common in sports in  school going children.  This ranges from scrapes and bruises, hematomas  to brain injuries, spinal cord injuries and fractures. Most of the cases fall between the extremes.  Some of the most common sports injuries seen in children going to school are:

Repetitive  motion injury : injury like a hairline crack, happening due to the repeated stress is commonly seen sports injuries. The inflammation happening to the tendons due to the overuse of it or muscles are common. This type of injuries may not be seen in X-rays, but need to be treated having rest, compression and ice.

Strains and sprains : a strain is an injury caused either to the muscles or tendons. It is the tendons that attach the muscles to the bones. The sprain is the injury caused by the ligaments which are the connecting two or more bones at a joint. The sprain and strain are caused commonly in sports.


Growth plate injuries : growth plate is the region where the new tissues build up at the ending  portion of the bone in growing children. When the growth of the bone is complete the growth plate is replaced by hard bone.

Long bones in fingers and arms
Bones in the foot
Forearm bones
Lower leg bones
Upper leg bones

These are the long bones with growth plate at the end of the bone. Any injury to the growth plate will destroy it and prevent further growth, hence, injuries caused to any part of these areas needs immediate attention.

Dehydration : the loss of fluid from  the body causes dehydration due to heat. Dehydration causes the children to fall down due to dizziness. Fainting is the main symptom. Dehydration may lead to heat stroke, fever,  confusion, weak pulse, disorientation, muscle cramps, muscle weakness, may also lead to  coma and death. While playing, the children lose lots of water from the body due to sweating. Compensated by taking water, fruit juices  or milk.

Kids of the same age may vary in their size and strength. When these kids play together, the possibility of them to get injured is high. The children may  punch each other while playing causing internal disorders.

Neck injury :neck injury is common while playing football, basketball, hockey etc.  This is very dangerous as cervical injury may cause nerve compression, dislocations leading to loss of power in limbs.

Colles fracture  of the wrist : this commonly occurs in children while in the field of sports.

Knee injuries : Scars or bruises are common. Knee sprains, knee strains, dislocation of the kneecap, knee bursitis, tears of the meniscus, knee joint dislocation are some of the sports injuries happening to the knee.

The children involved in  martial arts should be very careful in performing the art form as injuries happening while doing it will be serious and complex.


Sports injury should always be attended to without delay. Rest to the injured area for at least 48 hours. Ice packs should be applied to the injured part for at least 15-20 minutes 5-6 times/day. Support with splints or elastocrepe bandages to reduce swelling and provide support to the injured area for strains and sprains. The injured area should be elevated above the heart to decrease swelling. Lastly, it is always better to get a medical opinion instead of trying to treat at home and rule out any major injury.


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