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Health Checkup Packages In Mumbai

Fayth clinic offers affordable health checkup packages in Mumbai , We ensure your health through our various health checkup packages. Health Checkup allows the individual to identify diseases in the early stage and take measures to treat it effectively which saves time , money and in some cases life as well. In most of the cases early detection of diseases reduces the risk.

Maintaining good health is a continuous process and it involves personal effort and healthy practices.  An annual family health check up is one among the  good health practices. Prevention of diseases is the  most important benefit of  the annual family health checkup. It will help you and your family  to aid in the early detection and treatment of a health problems, which is valuable especially in cases of cancer and other lifestyle diseases. The type of examinations and laboratory tests that will be carried out during the  health checkup vary depending on an individual’s age, sex, family history, and lifestyle. The annual health checkups also support better patient-doctor relationships and healthy habits. use our health check up packages to ensure your and your families health and to prevent many more diseases, Find out the diseases before it becomes worst. 


Information to clients for Health  Checkup Packages :

1.    Please confirm appointment with Fayth clinic reception
2.   12 hr fasting is required  prior to coming for health checkups.
3.   Please refrain from taking alcohol or heavy meals  12 hours before medical check up.
4.   Please carry medical records or names of medicines ,if under any specific medical treatment.

Health Checkup Packages In Mumbai