Fayth Diagnostic Centre & Polyclinic

Family Health checkup

Health of each person in your family helps to build a better life and a better world. Family health check up assures a secure and trusted source of faith. Health checkup will helps you to stay healthy. We provides better health treatment. Regular health Checkups and tests can help you to find problems before they start and also it helps you to find disease very early. All the exams and screening is done according to your age, health and your family history and lifestyle.  We faith online clinic offers best preventive health checkup and packages by this you can identify and diagnose fatal diseases etc also provides 30% discount in Family Health checkup and free package for 1 child or parent.

Fayth clinic offers different types of health checkups like Cardiac Checkup (30 % Discount), Family Health Checkup (30%Discount),Pre-employment Health Checkup(30%Discount),Immunizations vaccines (30%Discount), Diagnosis Packages for Hair Loss, Diagnosis Packages for Acne and Skin Problems

Schedule an appointment  with our health care provider to discuss what screening and exams you need and when you need them. It is important to have a regular family health check up with a specialis.