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India is a highly progressive country. Globalization brought with it a sea of change in terms of technical advancements contributing tremendously to the country’s GDP and the world economic development. As the youth of the country saw modernization in its full glory, perceptions and lifestyles both changed. The youth took fancy to the fibreless fast food, alongside stress and next to it smoking, consumption of high-calorie foods, alcoholism, drugs and simultaneously diseases. The adolescent is scintillated by the scent and sight of fast food and at a crucial time in their lives when there are certain changes in eating and behaviour. At this time it is rather difficult for the parent to convince the child on healthy eating.

Limited physical activity and increased fast food consumption give rise to one of the most common lifestyle diseases -obesity. This looming problem is known to be the predominant cause of heart diseases, stroke, respiratory infections and further eating disorders such as anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa. Notwithstanding, other disorders that affect the youth are emotional, psychological and behavioural stress. Some of the other major and growing challenges among youth lifestyle disorders are diabetes mellitus, PCOS and metabolic diseases. Research has shown that this predominantly due to lack of nutritional knowledge, impaired family meal habits, failed attempts to intervene, television watching and no exercise. All this is also leading to multisystem problems including infertility and decreased lifespan.

Fayth is a multi-speciality ISO certified clinic located in the heart of Mumbai. With a robust infrastructure and skillful staff, Fayth Clinic addresses lifestyle issues in youth through comprehensive counseling sessions and advice on nutritional values of food. The doctors at Fayth Clinic advice them to get involved in some form of sports or exercise to maintain physical fitness. Skipping meals, especially breakfast, should be avoided. This part of the day is extremely important to kick start the metabolism. A healthy breakfast containing essential nutrients is imperative. This also improves concentration at school or college. A balanced diet containing fruits and vegetables should be consumed to supply the body with enough iron and calcium to provide a foundation for the future. Also important for the kids who are naturally heavier – is to accept their body types and sizes and not to run after crash diets and under-nourished eating.

Along with the children, Fayth Clinic also holds regular counseling sessions for the parents to deal with the need of their growing children.

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