Asthma can be a chronic illness in children. Adolescents with asthma are a distinct group when compared to adults and children. In adolescence, asthma can cause risk factors with persistence of symptoms. In teens when the disease is not controlled, it can lead to depression and low self-esteem leading to emotional outbursts and poor grades at school. Diagnosis of asthma itself is bound to trigger emotional disruptions because the teen is constantly dependent on medications and doctors since they do not feel normal. Restricted participation in daily activities can impact and damage self-confidence. Most healthy teenagers do not understand the impositions of asthma and peer tolerance may be limited. Adolescents with severe asthma are prone to behavioral problems. Symptoms of asthma include shortness of breath, wheezing, coughing, rapid heart rate, sweating and tightness of chest. The causes of asthma are relative to allergic responses, environmental factors or irritants and respiratory infections.

Adolescent Health Services
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Fayth Clinic uses a developmental approach and provides therapies based on guidelines outlining coordinated care to adolescents with asthma. The Adolescent Physician at Fayth Clinic undertakes intensive counseling sessions for children and parents of teens suffering from asthma. Failing to take prescribed medications can aggravate the condition and increase its severity. The physician at the clinic is an epitome of knowledge and empathy and displays willingness to listen to the teen's viewpoint. She addresses the need for compliance without provoking anxiety in the child. A therapeutic alliance is developed once the patient is convinced that the health professional cares enough about his/her welfare. All audio-visual aids with brochures to read and receptive advice and education are provided to the child. Since adolescence is a time of intense insensitivity that can lead to personal embarrassment, the doctor provides proper direction and instructions to the patient. She reviews the adolescent patient's inhaler devices, techniques and medications regularly to ensure adherence to schedules and avoid any untoward incidents.Fayth Clinic is very well-equipped to handle all aspects of adolescent asthma.

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