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Heart Check up Mumbai


Angioplasty is the nonsurgical removal of the block in the blood vessel specifically a coronary artery. The arteries supplying blood to the heart get blocked by the deposit of cholesterol or plaque. This will narrow the arteries and block the supply of blood to the heart, which causes lots of discomfort to the patient. At times, suddenly a blood clot may form in the arteries to the heart completely blocking the supply of blood to the heart. This results in heart attack.

In angioplasty, any blockage of the blood vessel to the heart is removed, making the blood flow to the heart smooth. Here, a balloon with a catheter is threaded through an artery in the arm or leg to the heart. The catheter is threaded into the artery with the block and

Angioplasty Treatment

the balloon is inflated when it reaches the block to remove it. After opening the block with a balloon, a metal device called a stent is inserted with the help of a balloon at the site of the blockage so that the artery remains permanently open

Senior Interventional Cardiologist,Dr Saurab Goel at Fayth Clinic is doing an excellent work in the field of angioplasty. We give special consideration for the cardiology patients with expert cardiologists and latest equipments in performing all tests and treatment procedures. From our experience in the field of cardiology, we understand that the people are under many myths and facts about angioplasty. Here, we shall put some myths and facts for you:

Health Tips
  • When discharged from hospital after the procedure of angioplasty, the patient requires complete the bed rest.

  • After angioplasty, if the patient feels better there is no need of taking any further heart medications further.

  • After angioplasty sex is banned

  • Smoking after angioplasty doesn't create any problem for the heart.

  • Avoid exercises after angioplasty


  • If you have undergone a non-emergency angioplasty, still you have to be vigilant not to be involved in tiresome works immediately after the discharge from the hospital. Make sure you don't lift heavy things and involve in strenuous activities till the incision heals. Driving should not be done till 1 week . Keep in mind that idle lifestyle will only worsen the situation. Most people walk within a few hours after the procedure and after discharge can resume normal activities.

  • If emergency angioplasty is done , may take longer time to recover.

  • If the stent is placed in the artery, medications are to be taken to avoid blood thickening. This is to be continued for one year or longer as per advise of the cardiologist strictly if a drug eluting stent is used

  • Sex is permitted after angioplasty. You will have a normal and comfortable life after angioplasty. For an elective angioplasty, you have to wait only one week but for an emergency angioplasty, you need to wait a little more. If the catheter is inserted in the groin, wait for the wound to heal. If you are doubtful , it is necessary to consult with your cardiologist and can ask when can you resume sex after angioplasty.

  • Don't blindly believe that angioplasty has fixed your heart problem. After angioplasty follows a heart- healthy diet, regular exercise, medications prescribed and follow a different lifestyle. Avoid alcohol consumption and fatty food consumption. This will prevent the building of plaque in blood vessels.

  • Smoking will lead to replacing of the arteries, hence avoid smoking. This will prevent the buildup of blocks in the blood vessels to the heart.Improvement in lifestyle is necessary

  • The role of the partner, children, friends or relatives in the recovery stage is very important. Their role is inspiring and very helpful psychologically in the recovery stage.

  • A structured plan of exercise is to be followed under the advice of the cardiologists as a part of the Cardiac Rehabilitation program , which will help to increase stamina and build muscle power and prevent blockage in future.

Cardiac Health Checkup

Do away with myths and follow the instructions given by your cardiologists in every matter and lead a comfortable life.

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